Bypass Dust


Bypass dust can only be conveyed using sophisticated technology and dosing. The sticky dust cakes easily to form a rock-hard mass. How can this sensitive bulk material be handled efficiently? The world's largest cement manufacturer asked us that very question. ISS Schuettguttechnik found a solution which turned a problem into a source of revenue.

Bypass dust is a by-product of cement manufacturing. Correctly dosed, it can be mixed into the final product. Bypass dust has also proved its worth in road construction, as a binding agent for plaster and masonry, and even as an ingredient in fertiliser and animal feed. So rather than waste destined for the dump, it's actually a valuable commodity. How can our customers create this added value?


How to transport and dose large amounts of bypass dust without clogging? Quite a few providers have found this a tough nut to crack. The solution that we planned and implemented consists of a discontinuous, gravimetric dosing conveyor. In this, all the parts that come into contact with the product are specially coated so the sticky dust cannot cling to anything. And that's how the system works:

The conveyor container receives the bulk material, which is fluidised by a ring aerator, from an upstream buffer tank. This ensures quick product intake. After each filling of the buffer, there is pressure equalisation between the containers. A pendulum aerator on the inlet of the Horatex horizontal cellular metering sluice also loosens the bulk material. In combination with the Horatex agitator, the material reaches the sluice without clogging. This is the only way to carry out precise dosing of a problem product. The conveying container and the Horatex combine to form a differential metering scale. It measures the exact filling weight.

A crucial element of the high throughput of the solution is the fact that we know the pressures at each point in the process. We use an intelligent controller, developed specifically for the customer, to constantly control the flow of product. In this way we can prevent the conveying line becoming too slow. The result: the system operates without any blockages.

The ingenious system clearly demonstrates how we resolve a problem at ISS Schuettguttechnik. We determine the nature of the problem, analyse all the parameters and then plan the system. If necessary, we expand standard components using in-house developments. This creates a holistic solution. To the complete satisfaction of the customer.