No longer an insider tip – our Horatex®

A driver of innovations in the production of special granulate relies on the reliability of ISS products.

The client’s fine-grained material tended to fluidize in the screw feeder and thus used to shoot through.
Subsequent problems in the production due to too much material caused the producer to contact ISS, whose system they saw at an exhibition.
The new layout consists of a high-precision Horatex® dosing system with a downstream screw conveyor.
The Horatex® doses exactly and reliably and discharges material at the same time while the screw now feeds the perfectly dosed granulate into the 1.5 m distant bucket elevator.
Previously installed arrangements for the activation of bulk material are now needless because the Horatex permanently activates the material with its built-in agitator.

A 3D laser scan of the construction area ensured a smooth and precise integration into the existing production. The assembly and commissioning were carried out successfully within one day.

Where the limits of competition lie, we develop innovative solutions. – We proved that once again.


Horatex Schneckenförderer

ISS wishes Merry Christmas

As the year draws to a close, we can look back on an exciting and successful year 2016.

With the goal in mind to perform better each year we tackle 2017.

Not only typical Christmas decorations found their way on the tree but also 3D models of some of our components like a rotary valve from our horizontal rotary valve Horatex®.

The whole team of ISS Schüttguttechnik wishes Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Once again, a material handling system by ISS sets out to travel the world

For a global leader in kneaders, ISS engineered a complete solution for plastic granulate that is custom-made and technologically highly developed.
The system will be used in China.
It contains the whole material handling process:
Starting with a bag emptying station to pneumatic conveying including our innovative dosing system Horatex®, a sifter of the Taifun® series for de-dusting, a cyclone separator and a cooling fluidized bed to cool down the material.

Size matters

A leading supplier of heavy duty recycling packaging had a problem:
The throughput rate of the existing cellular wheel sluice was not sufficient. Box waste with up to 20 cm had to be processed.

There has not been a sluice with such dimensions on the market so they reached out to ISS Schüttguttechnik.

With 930 liter of filling volume, a rotor diameter of 1200 mm and an installation height of 1450 mm, this sluice is anything but standard.
To ensure fast and easy maintenance, the rotor is moveable and the sluice is reversible to dissolve possible blockades.Zellenradschleuse-Recycling

We do cyclone separators in every possible size

With high temperatures occurring this summer, our engineers need some cooling down.
Was the most used tool in the office simultaneously the inspiration for the size of the latest cyclone separator?

The outcome is a small innovation and emphasizes the competencies of ISS Schuettguttechnik:
Our products are anything but standard.
We deliver individually optimized solutions from small to huge.

Cyclone separator smallcyclone separator big

We expand our product family

We are proud to present a new innovation which is coming soon. It will be a new member in our portfolio.

Like always when it comes to developing a new product, we focused on achieving our high standards: innovative, sustainable, reliable, efficient, effective and high quality.

You can even see a preview in the picture.
Did we make you become curious?

Stay tuned and learn more about our product very soon!

ISS Produktfamile EN

Our dosing system Horatex® in the latest edition of Silo World

Silo World is THE print-magazine for the bulk material industry.

It features market-orientated and intersectoral product information, presents technological innovations, works out new trends, dedicates itself to innovative processing technologies and their possibilities of application – not only in Europe.
They aim to report “from practice – for practice”.

As a provider of innovative and sustainable solutions for any kind of bulk material, our dosing system Horatex® made it to a four-page article.

The magazine will be available in Germany and middle Europe.

Read the article here:

Article Silo World edition 3/2016 ISS Horatex®

Big-Bag filling station – dust-free filling even with problematic bulk material

ISS Schuettguttechnik provides innovative solutions for the filling and emptying of bulk material.
Even problematic products like hydrate chalk are easy to handle.
Products of ISS help you to save space, time and money when filling Big-Bags.
An optional efficient vibrating table compacts even fluidized material for perfectly filled Big-Bags that are stackable.
As a result, you are saving storage capacities.
The stations can be integrated very flexibly and offer a high throughput. You end up saving time and reducing costs.

See for yourself and learn more about our variety of solutions!


BS OHSAS 18001 successful recertification – Our contribution to safety

ISS Schuettguttechnik successfully completed and passed the audit for the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate again.

Accidents at work and downtime may result in disruption to production and delivery. With our preventive occupational safety actions, we want to eliminate these risks effectively.

To be able to ensure premium quality of our products, our employees have to work in a risk-free environment.

Depict and avoid possible causes of danger and risk – the ongoing training of our employees prepares our team for possible emergencies.

We are proud to pass that security gained to our customers. You can be sure that our products will arrive in premium condition and on time.