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Which do you prefer? An equipment supplier or a partner who solves your problems on an ongoing basis? For more than 15 years, ISS Schuettguttechnik has stood for the holistic approach. This provides a way for you to get ahead of the competition. The ISS service chain extends way beyond manufacturing efficient systems that are reliable, energy efficient and safe. We’ll support you from the planning through to operation.

Systems Planning

Modular systems are good. Individually developed solutions are better. ISS Schuettguttechnik enables you to benefit from the advantages of both approaches. Components such as conveyors, separators, metering sluices or Big Bag stations form the basic building blocks. Throughput, dimensions or materials are tailored to your requirements. We can integrate the machines into your existing system if required.

Even in the above scenario the conversion will be planned carefully. All the more so in the case of newly-designed systems. Sometimes the specifications require performance for which no products exist as yet. In such cases, we develop a special solution. Ultimately, every ISS Schuettguttechnik system is unique. Our engineers and system planners work in close coordination on every project. From a survey with three laser scanners to CAD design, they make use of the latest technology. And how do you benefit? Flawless planning and speedy installation.

Design and development

Customers often call us if nobody else has been able to find a solution for a tricky task. You're handling problem bulk material or need to obtain high throughput. You're protecting your employees' health or want to improve the quality of your products. At ISS Schuettguttechnik you'll find we're always ready to listen and are also usually able to offer a solution. Our designers and developers are constantly working on new solutions or optimising existing systems. Take advantage of this continuous progress. ISS offers the latest technology as standard. And for customised solutions there’s even more. For example, one customer wanted to use the heat produced during pneumatic conveying to heat his buildings. ISS Schuettguttechnik was able to do that.
How can we surprise you?


Installation and commissioning

You decide whether our fitters or your staff will commission the new plant. In the latter case, specialists from ISS Schuettguttechnik will offer advice and support in Germany, Europe or anywhere in the world. During test runs, we ensure the machine provides optimal performance. Fine tuning which pays dividends in terms of increased throughput and lower costs.


During the planning, design and development we pay attention to long service life. For example, we use air for screening and conveying. The advantage: fewer moving parts and therefore less wear and tear. We use corrosion resistant or abrasion-resistant coatings for the areas where the machine comes into contact with the bulk material. All these measures reduce downtimes and the associated costs.

Which means repairs are hardly ever necessary. In most cases, maintenance is limited to cleaning the machine and replacing wearing parts. Simply select one of the following options:

• ISS Schuettguttechnik staff provide the maintenance.
• You service the systems yourself, in which case we’ll provide training for your employees.
• You send us the machines. We’ll overhaul them in-house.

Whatever you decide, our service and maintenance contracts will reflect your requirements. Please ask us about the conditions (contact information below).

Free test sifting

Free sifting in our test system is a valuable decision-making tool not reserved merely for new customers. We'll sort or separate your bulk material in the same way as in live operation. This will dispel any doubts about problem material. For a small fee, we'll sift larger amounts of your product in the ISS laboratory. Please call us to discuss the details before sending us a sample. Interested? You can find more information about our Technical Centre

The quickest way to all-inclusive service

A good partnership grows over the years. And it begins with the first step. Now is the time!

Give us a call. Or use our contact page to send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you.